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8 ways to get out of an exercise rut…

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Last week I was in a rut. I had a great weekend, completing a fun run with great company but for some reason on Monday I just felt flat and low. I wasn’t sick but during the week I struggled to get myself out of bed, didn’t want to do any physical activity and had on and off headaches. All I felt like doing was lying on the couch and eating rubbish. As someone who should know better you would think that is enough motivation to get up and move?! By the end of the week I had successfully thought about going for a walk. Not even close to the recommended daily exercise guidelines.

Put your hand up if you have ever found yourself in this situation. This happens to people more than they would like to admit. So how did I get out of my rut?

I called on a trusty friend and booked in a time to catch up with a walk in the Dandenong Ranges (and managed to combine it with book club). It felt great! And now my energy and motivation has returned.

Although it may seem hard to get started or get back into exercise, it gets easier once you take the first step. You are not alone, there are many people who are in the same situation as you. If you are struggling here are eight tips to help you get your mojo back or to just get started:

  • Call a friend – its way more fun being active with a friend!
  • Take a step back and allow yourself to have some time off with the plan to start again
  • Enter an event to give you that little bit of extra motivation
  • Try something NEW! Getting out in the bush was just what I needed
  • Think about why you exercise, is it for your health? Blood pressure, cholesterol, injury? Does it make you feel good? Are you doing it because you enjoy it or because you feel you should? Make sure you are doing it for a reason you value.
  • Join a group or class
  • Set small goals to start and progress slowly. It will get easier.
  • If you are currently have or are returning from an injury or have a chronic condition or simply don’t know how to start, seek some advice from an exercise physiologist. They will be able to advise you how to safely start or return to exercise.